The chart above shows harmonized G major scale. There are 3 major chords in the key of G (G, C and D): These major chords function as I, IV and V chords in the G major key, and are used in many popular chord progressions: There are 3 minor chords in the key of G. Em and Am are probably the easiest chords you can play on a guitar: Knowing 3 major and 2 minor chords you can practice more sophisticated chord progressions like: G–Em–Am–D (I-vi-ii-V) which is another extremely common progression that is used in many popular songs. Feel free to choose one version over the other depending on the song you are playing and chords that come before and after this chord. Let’s look at the chords in the key of G major in more detail! View all posts by Mike D, Unlock the guitar and ukulele fretboard – Learn Chords, Scales and more, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window). G major is one of the most popular keys in music. I also teaches guitar and ukulele, and shares my fretboard knowledge on this website. You can practice chords in the key of G by playing chord progressions mentioned above. 2nd Position (lowest fret is 2) 4th Position (lowest fret is 4) 7th Position (lowest fret is 7) 9th Position (lowest fret is 9) 12th Position (lowest fret is 12) Further Reading. Positions On The Guitar: Let’s look at playing the G major scale in the open position. It is one of the first keys you should learn if you are starting to learn to guitar because chords in they key of G are fairly easy to play. To play the G major scale in open position properly, use your index finger to play notes on the first fret, your middle finger for notes on the second, your ring finger for notes on the third, and your pinkie for notes on the fourth. If you already know about the major blues scale and would just like to know how to play it in five positions as well as the open position of G, read on. Once you are comfortable playing open position chords feel free to explore ways to play G major scale chords in other parts of the fretboard. ... Of course, you can play chords of G major scale in other parts of guitar fretboard. I picked up a guitar in his early teens and never really put it down. The G Major Blues Scale contains the following notes: For a complete lesson on the Major Blues Scale, read this lesson. A G major scale, like all major scales, is heptatonic, which means that it contains seven notes before repeating again at the octave. It is a pesky barre chord, Bm. Ukulele Fretboard Notes and How to Learn Them Quickly, 11 basic guitar chords for beginners and how to learn them. Major chords in the key of G. There are 3 major chords in the key of G (G, C and D): G, C and D major chords are three major chords in the … The chart above shows harmonized G major scale. Check out this article on major scales to learn more about how major scales and chords are related. 2nd Position. Here are the 5 CAGED positions for the G Major blues scale (notes and tabs). Scales page; Major blues … Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I taught myself to play, and now I enjoy playing guitar in the church meetings and at home. Hey, Mike here! Third minor chord in the key of G is a tricky one. G Major Blues Scale on the Guitar – 5 CAGED Positions, Tabs and Theory. Click on the chord name or image to go to the detailed chord article. I am an avid fretboard enthusiast. Here are the basic chords in G major and their most common fingering patterns in open position on the guitar. Here’s how to play the G Major blues scale in the open position. Required fields are marked *.


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