So essentially I don't start getting real value from it until after a couple turns. Christina Gillespie Ryan Lizza, Wiseman Horn Case, I can't think of any two-color combination that I can comfortably say is better than another. [[great-oak guardian]] this card plays a big role in this deck, untapping all your creatures, making a big burst of mana, and potentially making an infinite mana combo with [[temur sabertooth]]. This site © 2020, LLC Also gets bigger from other pump effects like Ezuri's Overrun and more. Can go infinite with Illusionist's Bracers, allowing you to untap Seeker itself and a mana producer. I wouldn’t feel horrible keeping this, but if this was my first 7, ide hedge towards mulliganing it. [[joraga treespeaker]] is a druid, its an elf, and it can potentially make a lot of mana, also a mana sink for non combo/storm turns, [[honored hierarch]] is a druid, makes a mana by itself potentially, i have it in foil, don't judge me [[heroic intervention]] swerves removal, swerves board wipes, what more could you ask for Complete Comment Tutorial! Workout Plan Paper, Benifits of Snow covered forests < prettyness of new theros forests. A fantastic choice to tutor for, especially if you have something like Wirewood Lodge, Maze of Ith, or a land that produces lots of mana in play. In my opinion, Ezuri, Renegade Leader is one of the best commanders for this type of strategy. Why Does Charlie Regard His Father As His Doom And Future, and platforms. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Magic the Gathering, FNM is TM and copyright Wizards of the Coast, Inc, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. All rights reserved. obraz. Still combos off the same as Umbral Mantle, just takes significantly more mana to get the chain started. DMCA requests | Karametra's Acolyte: Not an elf, but devotion can often be easier to come by than number of elves. True dat. Imperious Perfect: A lord and a fairly consistent way to produce tokens. Obraz Jorja Smith Live In Concert '18 Tour T-Shirt. Hmm, I don't like this hand, at all, technically you could t1 joraga, draw a forest, t2 survival, then tutor away cultivator for a good mana creature, so I wouldn't hate you for keeping this hand, it just seems way too slow, and prone to auto losing when you don't draw a land. its an elf, it's a druid, it lets you play seton on turn 2, [[ley druid]] is a druid, untaps nykthos/cradle good card, [[krosan wayfarer]] sick card, is a druid, but also can put a cradle into play after you already played land for turn, [[karametra's acolyte]] big mana creature, taps for 4 with only itself and seton, [[juniper order druid]] is a druid, untaps nykthos/cradle good card. Unfortunately symmetrical, could run Prowling Serpopard instead, but it isn't an elf. [[yisan, the wanderer bard]] this card is not essential to the deck, but is an immediate threat to the game, this alone with the one and two mana untappers can allow you to essentially win the game off infinite mana, while also being a 2 turn setup itself, with infinite mana you can use it to fetch [[wirewood symbiote]], bounce an elf, untap him, fetch [[scryb ranger]], bounce a forest, untap him, then fetch a newly spoiled [[hyrax tower scout]], follow that by a [[temur sabertooth]] to bounce hyrax, making infinite untaps on yisan, winning the game through [[craterhoof behemoth]] with yisan and a board presence, no infinite mana you can fetch a [[wirewood symbiote]], bounce elf to untap him, fetch [[priest of titania]] and pass turn, next turn find a 3 cost elf, then sabertooth, use sabertooth to loop wirewood symbiote, and as long as priest can make 4+ mana, you have infinite. [[joraga treespeaker]] is a druid, its an elf, and it can potentially make a lot of mana, also a mana sink for non combo/storm turns, [[honored hierarch]] is a druid, makes a mana by itself potentially, i have it in foil, don't judge me, [[heroic intervention]] swerves removal, swerves board wipes, what more could you ask for, [[heritage druid]] is a druid, its an elf, it can potentially turn some elves into mana without setons help, [[hall of gemstone]] it's like a green blood moon, for real tho, it's really good against 4/5 color decks, plus if for your turn you name green, your opponents can't make blue mana, for counterspells, [[green sun's zenith]] can find big mana creature, or a draw outlet, infinite combo piece, or can even find dryad arbor on turn 1, for a turn 2 seton. Wirewood Symbiote: Unfortunately not an elf, but a potentially better version of Quirion Ranger nonetheless. And with Seton, Ive been consistently in the top 4. This deck aims to be pretty much as competitive as Mono-Green Elves can get. Elvish Visionary: Card draw. 2 [[forest]]s [[devoted druid]] [[wirewood channeler]] [[natural order]] [[cloudstone curio]] [[Marwyn, the Nurturer]]. Red/Green is an awesome combination. [[staff of domination]] use 4 mana to untap any creature that produces 5 or more mana infinitely for infinite mana, then can use that mana to draw your entire deck. Clown Faces Drawings, So yeah, opinions? It's called the green sol ring for a reason. But at some point I got the idea too look up cedh seton, and to my surprise there were a few, but these lists are aging, they don't contain throne of eldraine cards, and have paradox engine in them. Eternal Witness: Not an elf, but gets us a card we need back. Cascade Bluffs by PhatMo, Urza Lord High Combomaster You simply have no chance, and the game stops being fun. You can now import it in the MTG Arena client. Long before EDH as we know it came into existence, a friend of mine once had a spell-based Blue / Red deck. Attention! It turns your cloudstone loops into a kill by themselves, and if you're storming off with it you can just win naturally (or eliminate one or two players) by casting enough spells. Sometimes a Green Sun's Zenith X=0 can get you where you need to be. Exploration - Gatherer, MagicCardsJoraga Treespeaker - Gatherer, MagicCardsKamahl, Fist of Krosa - Gatherer, MagicCardsQuestions? EDIT: Also, I didn't look as to how many elves are druids in your deck, but, hey, ive recently decided to make an ezuri edh aswell, You like getting ridiculous amounts of mana, You like barely being able to see the board because you have so many elves, You don't like pressing the "increase power and toughness" button on Cockatrice a lot. Doesn't do much. Discord Server | They take time to slowly ramp up into anything of consequence happening, and even longer for the games to resolve. 2020 Nov 17. Largely eclipsed by Earthcraft. I highly recommend the updated artwork... Joraga Treespeaker: Essentially pay 3 to tap for 2, pretty solid deal. Top Commander / EDH Combo decks Novembre 1st. Somebody Feed Phil Cast, I would never keep a hand with no tutor, no mass card draw, no draw outlet, and no big mana creature, those hands no matter how inviting, are suboptimal. The Stranglehold will usually replace spell crumple if I need it. I would keep. Copperhorn Scout: A very interesting 1 mana elf. And I've never heard it called the green sol ring before, thank you for the enlightenment. Joraga Treespeaker: This is slow. Llanowar Elves: The quintessential mana dork, nothing special. [[thousand-year elixir]] this card is kinda wack, it does allow cards like [[priest of titania]] or [[wirewood channeler]] to go infinite the turn it comes into play, and makes a small burst of mana with the untap, but three mana is kinda high for a card that doesn't affect the boardstate whatsoever. That is nothing to sneeze about. (v0.2), Prossh, Skyraider of Kher - 1v1 MTGO Challenge 180826, Ruric Thar, the Unbowed - 1v1 MTGO Challenge 180819, Nath, leader of Elfs and other random tribes, Grothama All Devouring All Drawing All Cheating, Doran, the Siege Tower - Doran's Big Boys. Unless permitted by the You may only make a verifiable consumer request for access of data portability twice within a could just as easily be garruk wildspeaker, but i always prefer to just have more lands in play than untapping the ones i have. Thanks, hermit druid line is pretty wierd, my line was like what, 33 required Mana to win off a hermit druid sac, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the CompetitiveEDH community. by radio414, Temur Tidespout Tyrant Combo identity or authority to make the request and confirm the personal information relates to you. As a general rule, if you have an insanely powerful or game-ending combo, make sure it’s at least three cards. Roblox Portal Gun Gear Code, This hand at first glance is good, it makes mana quickly, and has a turn 2 seton, add that to a cradle, and the hand seems perfect. This site is unaffiliated. Joe Gargan Jr, His first ability allows us to regenerate our elves, protecting our important combo pieces from a good number of mass and targeted removal spells.


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