• Background suppression SKU: AB42GRP9040QD PHOTOSWITCH Photoelectric Sensor, Standard (On / Off), Long Range Diffuse, 3.04m (10ft), 10-40V DC, NPN/PNP Transistor, 4-pin DC Micro (M12) QD . In addition to his roles at various automation suppliers, Jack has taught PLC programming and various other training classes on automation devices. Altoona, WI 54720 When the light strikes the object surface it will be deflected away from the source and very little or usually no light will make it back to the receiver. The wide variety of different operating principles, models, sizes and specifications means that the best possible sensor can always be found for the relevant application and all conditions that occur in practice can be met. This site has been helpful. Typically, the sensing range charts you see in catalogs are based of the reflectivity of a Kodak test card that has a reflectivity index of at least 90%. This is a huge benefit in space restrictive locations or in those applications where you cannot get to both sides of the target. Add to Cart. There are basically three different sensing modes. These sensors are capable of reliably detecting almost any object. In this case, once the sensor is adjusted to detect the object on the conveyor and a person in light colored clothing walks on the other side of the conveyor chances are you will have a false trigger with the sensor. The emitter and receiver are in a single housing such that the retroreflective sensors are easy to install. When applying diffuse mode photoelectric sensors, there are a number of factors that need to be taken into account. The retroreflective sensors for clear object detection are ideal for reliably detecting transparent objects. The advantage of this is that the light reaches the receiver directly and long detection ranges and high excess gain can therefore be achieved. Mail: 704 Bartlett Ave. Sort By. Since there is only one device, the diffuse photoelectric sensor is typically cost effective compared to the retro-reflective or through beam sensors. Photoelectric Diffuse Mode Sensors. Maximum of products for comparison has been reached. Our photoelectric sensors are found in many industries, common applications such as material handling, packaging, food processing, and transportation. These sensors are offered in a wide variety of housing options and with special functionalities. His product experience covers sensors, PLCs and drives, steel and paper industries, packaging, food and beverage industries, semicon and life sciences. View. Order number: 3066466 Alternative order number : 66466 Male M12 × 1, 4-pin; Protection class IP67; LED all-round visible; Sensitivity adjusted via potentiometer Tag, You’re It: Choosing the Right Type of Tags for Your RFID System. Light sources will be a topic of a future blog. Photoelectric sensors. Order number: 3065508. Comet series. Special solutions are available for your custom application. Diffuse mode sensors are easy to install, since only one device has to be fitted and no reflector is required. • Convergent or fixed focus Our variety of photoelectric sensors is aimed at all automation solutions where noncontact object detection can be utilized. Take a look at our wide selection of photoelectric sensors. SKU: … The larger the reflector, the great the scanning distance. Photoelectric Sensors. Among standard sensors, a distinction is made between the three functional principles of Thru-beam sensors, retroreflective sensors, and diffuse mode sensors, depending on the function and the relative position.


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